Tuesday, 30 December 2014

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Lipstick: Eva's Nude

My mum is a big L'Oreal fan, she has sensitive skin and says there products are really good and high quality whilst being soft on the skin. L'Oreal also offers a full range of products from skincare to mascaras which is amazing for a drugstore brand as you've pretty much got everything you want under one roof. Despite my mum being a big fan, I've never actually owned anything from L'Oreal myself so I decided to pick up some products on a 3 for 2 deal and give them a go.

One of the products I picked up was a lipstick called 'Eva's nude'. It's part of the color riche collection in which a handful of celebrities create their own iconic lipstick colour, so far L'Oreal have released a red and a nude collection with 4 colours to choose from in each all priced at £6.99. I chose Eva Longoria's nude which surprised me since we're both completely different skin tone and style wise, however I do love the colour and it's so versatile that it suits any skin tone- whether you look like the beautiful Eva or not.

The packaging of the lipstick is super sleek. It follows in the example of Nars with a matte black finish which looks so professional- well for about a week or so before it gets dirty in my makeup bag, however it does wipe clean so that's a plus. I've clearly gone up in world because never before have I had a lipstick with the brand embossed into it but L'Oreal's really gone the extra mile here. Their is a slight scent to this lipstick, it's like candy mixed with cherries which I quite like it but if you don't like overly sweet scents you probably won't be a fan.

The colour itself is a stunning your lips but better. It's a subtle dark peach that goes on matte but finishes with a sheen. It's quite moisturising which probably explains why the staying power is only about 3 hours because it's all absorbed into your lips over the day. It applies smoothly but if your lips are even a little dry it clings to the dry sections and looks a little patchy. However I find that this patchy problem can be eliminated by giving my lips a little scrub with my Lush lip scrub (which I reviewed here) and then it goes on like a dream.

I've found myself wearing this lipstick a lot recently as I haven't been a fan of bold lips- mainly because I keep smudging them all of over my face. I love this lipstick for the £7 price tag and I'm super impressed with L'Oreal- no wonder my Mum's obsessed. I'm definitely planning on picking up some more L'Oreal products in the future.

Have you tried any products from L'Oreal?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Winter Lip Saviour: Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

lush lip scrub in bubblegum review

I was lucky enough to receive a few Lush products for Christmas and I was beyond excited to find the bubblegum lip scrub among them. Every time I go into lush I shamelessly dip my finger in the bubblegum lip scrub tester and pretty much just eat it there and then because it tastes out of this world. I've always wanted to have my own so I don't have to continuously scrape the bottom of the tester jar to try and get just that last bit out for my chapped lips, but I've never actually picked it up. Needless to say I'm super happy to finally have this in my possession.

lush lip scrub in bubblegum review

The lip scrub is a moist sugary consistency that you simply apply to your lips and then remove (I like to just lick it off but if you're a little bit less in love with the flavour you can just wash it off). It leaves lips smooth and soft and is truly a winter saviour. My lips have been super dry recently, I mean it's winter, what did I expect? But this lip scrub has helped hold onto the last drops of moisture in my lips and has really reduced the chappedness (if that's even a word). 

Bubblegum truly does smell like bubblegum- or candyfloss- they both smell the same to me. Either way it smells amazing! It's super sweet and is pretty much identical in scent to the Lush snow fairy shower gel. It's probably not for you if you prefer a more subtle or spiced smell but if you love something girly and sweet then bubblegum's a winner!

lush lip scrub in bubblegum review

Bubblegum comes out of the jar not so bright pink and more of a soft baby pink which when applied to the lips leaves a little hint of colour which is a nice bonus. I find it best to be super soft when applying this or you can really make your lips sore. For example don't do what I did and apply it heavily onto my lips with my finger and then rub my lips together before licking it off, it was too much for my lips and they ended up more chapped the next day than they had been! Now- having learnt from my painful mistake- I apply this super lightly every other day or when my lips are feeling a little rough and it does leave my lips super soft- less is definitely more with this lip scrub.

Because you only have to use so little of the lip scrub to get kissable lips, this little pot seems to go a long way so £5.50 price tag doesn't seem so hefty. I've probably used mine about 6 or 7 times already and I haven't even made a dent- I could easily this lasted for a 100 little lip spa sessions. It contains a bunch of good and moisturising oils that obviously do the trick because I've boarded the train to soft lipsville with a one way ticket thanks to this little baby.

I'd like to try and pick up a couple more scents in the range soon because they all just smell so fabulous (and they don't taste so bad either).

Have you tried any of the Lush lip scrubs?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

What I Got For Christmas 2014

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas in whichever way you spent it- home or abroad. First off, for me, Christmas is about more than just the presents. It's a time for giving and love and sharing, whether it's to your family or to children in need in Africa. However I do love a good nosey at what I got for Christmas posts and I was spoiled by my friends and family this year. I'm so grateful for everything I got and loved spending time with my family over the holidays and I can't wait to use my new goodies in 2015.

Joni jeans

I had been after a new pair of jeans for ages and boy these did not disappoint. My lovely mum got me a pair of joni's from Topshop which are my new favourite jeans. They're in a dark blue wash and are a perfect fit, they're skin tight and so flattering. I'm a W30L32 and I'm usually a size 12 in case anyone was wondering about size.

Chelsea boots

Boots are a definite must for me, they're so comfy and easy to wear so I was beyond excited to receive these beautiful tan chelsea boots for Christmas. They're from New Look and have got a slight heel which makes me feel very powerful and city chic. I love these boots to death.

Benefit gimee brow

I was also lucky enough to receive the Benefit gimee brow from my Mum. I got mine in the shade light/medium and although it's a little light for my hair it's really buildable and I think medium/dark would be too dark. I really like how easy and quick this is to apply and I'm sure a full length review will be up in no time.

'It' by Alexa Chung

Among many other things, my fabulous bestie Amy bought me 'It' by Alexa Chung. I initially saw it in Urban Outfitters a couple of months back and I fell in love with it. It's full of pictures and notes and stories by Alexa which are so cute and fun, it's also a gorgeous book which looks great on my shelves- so thanks Amy.

Bobble bottle

I also received a bobble bottle which is a very snazzy water bottle that filters your water as you drink it. It doesn't change the way the water tastes or anything special but it does make it feel a lot cleaner and I hope it'll help me to drink a lot more water in 2015.

'1989' by Taylor Swift 

I'm a massive Taylor Swift fan and even though I did prefer her country style, I'm still absolutely in love with this fresh new pop vibe Taylor has going. I love her so much I even got my phone taken from me in school when I was caught trying to get tickets to her show before they sold out- unfortunately they sold out right before I got my phone confiscated, I cried for at least the rest of the RE lesson.

Lush goodies

I was so so grateful that my lovely friend Amber got me these fabulous lush products for Christmas. I received Snow Fairy and the bubblegum lip scrub. Both smell amazing, they're super sweet but so gorgeous- not too overpowering. Snow Fairy is the perfect body wash with just a hint of shimmer and the lip scrub really does smooth your lips, thanks so much for both products Amber.


I also got some Invisibobbles for Christmas from my lovely Mum which claim to be pain free and traceless bobbles. As a person who suffers frequently from hair ache I'm super excited to give these a go as they're supposed to be a lot softer on your hair- so far so good!

Along with all of these fabulous goodies I think I've got just about enough money to get myself a Canon camera- eeeeek! I'm so excited to finally be able to get better quality pictures for you all, so say bye bye to grainy iPhone 5S pictures and hello to clear and crisp quality (well hopefully anyway).

I absolutely loved everything I got and thank you so much to everyone who gifted me such fabulous presents.

What did you get for Christmas?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

10 reasons why I want to live in America

I'm a Brit who likes to think she's an American at heart. There's so many reasons why I want to live in America when I'm older that I thought I'd put them in a list because why not (oh and I apologize if any of these are super stereotypical, I gathered all my information from my few trips to America and a lot of American TV shows so I'm probably wrong on a few things- please forgive me)

#1 To eat chipotle, Taco Bell and 'in and out' as often as I like

I'm a food girl: Wagamamas, Nandos, Yo Sushi, Pizza Hut, the list is endless. In an ideal world I'd eat out every night. In America there's so much food diversity that for a foodie like me it'd be heaven: though it's inevitable I'd gain a few pounds- a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

#2 To not have to watch American shows illegally online or wait 2 years for them to make it to the UK

American TV shows are just better in every way there's no doubt about that. The actors and the plot lines get me hooked from the word go, for once then it would be nice to feed my addiction without having to find myself a dodgy website to watch them on.

#3 To be with people who don't hold back  

There's just something about American personalities that I love. Americans are brash and accepting and outgoing and don't have that overwhelming politeness that filters a little bit of everything that British people say- sometimes us Brits are just a little too kind I think.

#4 To watch the latest movies weeks before anyone else in the world

Oh you lucky Americans, you have the best TV shows and get movies released a week or so before anyone else. Following lots of Americans on Twitter means more often than not I get a good deal of spoilers about what's gone down in new release films. I wonder what'd be like to see a film and not know what happens in the end?

#5 To have Disneyworld on my doorstep (hopefully I'd be living near one anyway)

Who doesn't love Disney? Yes Disneyland Paris isn't too shabby and it's only an hours flight away but it's not Disneyworld. Disneyworld is the creme de la creme, though I think I'd be poor from buying all the merchandise every time I visited, and I'm beyond jealous of those over the pond who can just drop in at the weekend.

#6 To not have to pay ridiculous shipping to import US only products to the UK

This doesn't even need an explanation.

~7 To go to be able to go to Sephora all the time without having to go to France 

As a beauty addict I've got some serious envy of those who have Sephora on their doorstep. Sephora is truly a beauty bloggers playground that I'd die to have access to whenever I fancy rather than having to make a trip abroad to have a look around.

#8 To be able to go to the beach even in December (obviously I'd be living on the West Coast or somewhere pretty warm)

It would be cool to actually wear my swimsuit more than once a year on a beach in Spain or somewhere. Yes I'm ginger and yes I don't tan but it would still be nice to be able to get some sun in the middle of winter even if I end up looking like a lobster. 

#9 To go to a typical American high school

I blame High School Musical and Zac Efron for kickstarting my obsession with this one but it would be a dream of mine to go to an American high school.

#10 To hear the America accent all day everyday 

The American accent is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It's literally my favourite accent in the world and I could listen to it all day everyday (and not just on Netflix).

I want to live in America one day so much. I've been there a couple of times and it's just the place to be, I love it. Though I think I'd be poor from all the shopping at sephora. 

Where would in the world would you like to live?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Bye Bye Under-Eye Bags: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

I love to sleep, but I also love all night Netflix marathons and often the two don't go together very well. In a dream world I'd be able to watch Netflix all day and somehow sleep all day too. However until some scientist works out a magical way to fulfil my dreams, I instead spend a lot of time watching Netflix and a lot of time covering up my under-eye circles the next morning. 

On a morning when I'm feeling particularly tired I pretty much always grab my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (the clue's in the name). It's not just an average concealer, it's a magical concealer. Wake Me Up has a faint shimmer to it which doesn't light you up like a Christmas tree but does catch the light and bring more brightness to your face- instantly making you look like you had at least 2 more hours sleep than you actually did last night. 

I have the lightest shade (010 Ivory) which I still find a little off colour for me, it's not too dark but it's a little too yellow for my blue undertones. Although the yellow undertones do help in brightening up your face as it gives your skin a touch of warmth. However if you're any paler than me and have cool undertones this concealer might not be for you (but I do live in hope that they will expand the shade range soon). 

The formula not as dry as other concealers so you don't have to worry to much about blending it straight away because you can still get a natural finish even if you apply it and then blend it out a couple of minutes later. The staying power on my skin is pretty much all day. I practically only use this under my eyes which aren't oily so the concealer does stick about for a while, though its coverage does decrease as the day progresses.

No makeup (after about 10 hours sleep on a weekend, usually on a school day I don't look this refreshed)



As you can see, Rimmel Wake Me Up isn't super high coverage but it really does wake up your face. It's definitely brightening and I do feel like it makes a real difference to my face when I'm super sleepy- but not when I've got really dark under-eye circles because it's too light coverage to conceal them properly. 

Priced at £5.49 it's a bargain tube of goodness that brings that little something-something to your face when you need it- and I pretty much always need it.

What's your go-to concealer?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

Thursday, 18 December 2014

How I Spent My Summer In India

This past summer was the best summer of my life without a doubt. In August, for just over 3 weeks, I flew to India where I volunteered in schools working with some of the kindest and most gracious children I've ever met: it is true that those who have the least give the most. I learnt so much about myself over the summer. I learnt that sometimes giving truely is better than receiving and to appreciate everything I have- even a toilet.

I went with girlguiding (or Girl Scouts if you're in America) and a group of 10 girls aged 16-18 and 3 leaders. All of us were chosen to go to represent our region at an international girl guiding event after we went through a selection process in our counties and then regions (just to see what we were like as people etc). After the event we spent our time volunteering and doing a little sightseeing of beautiful India. 

India was truly an amazing place. I love the people and the culture and the busyness. I've picked a selection of my favourite photos of my trip; I loved every second I spent there and I've got some serious holiday blues looking back at these pictures now, I could 100% go back there now. 

We flew a 10 hour flight and then 4 hours on a bus to where we were staying. But it was worth the wait. The first couple of days we spent getting used to India- there's so much of it to take in. I started off wearing my hair down but after a few trips out I couldn't handle it. People already were staring at us because we were foreigners but I got a lot of attention being ginger- like a lot, a lot. It wasn't bad attention- people were often just curious- but being a group of girls wandering around a new place, it wasn't the safest thing. But as a plus putting my hair up did safe me a lot of time on a morning.

After adapting to the culture shock we were assigned to a community project that we'd be working on for a while. I worked in a local girls secondary school and taught social sciences and English to 11 and 12 year olds, it was weird teaching others considering I'm only 16 and being taught myself, but I loved it! The girls were all so excited to see us and I genuinely got so excited to go and see them each day.

The girls were allowed to wear their primary school uniforms if they couldn't afford the secondary school uniform, that's why you see such a mix of uniforms in the photos. I probably only saw a handful of girls wearing the actual uniform while I was there. Despite the poverty, the girls came for more than to just get a free meal everyday (which is for many the only meal they get) they came to learn. They were so willing to learn because they knew it was the only way to succeed, it was a refreshing attitude.

This is the type of homes the girls came from everyday to go to school. However none of the girls wanted pity or sympathy, they wanted to know about us and our lives back home. I told them about my school and my friends and so much more. They asked me if I was engaged. They seemed to think that being 16 and engaged was the norm, many were even surprised I wasn't married already. When I told them I planned to go to university first and get a job before getting married they seemed a little inspired if I dare to say. I'd like to think whilst I was there I inspired some of the girls to aspire to more than accepting to be married off so young (some as young as 12) and to show them that they can control their lives.

Although we were pretty much working 9-4 at our community projects (and sometimes longer) we still had our nights off. A lot of the time we spent learning about the Indian culture or even watching films and swimming. One night we had a contest where we spilt into teams and fought for points in silly games, like trying not to step on obstacles on an obstacle course whilst blindfolded. After hard and sometimes emotionally draining days working in the schools, it was a bit of light hearted fun which I loved. My team went as the super swimmers by the way, hence the swimming costumes over clothes and the rubber ring etc. Also we did not win, but hey it's the taking part that counts!

After spending a week or so in Pune we moved onto Leh which is up in the Himalayas. It's that high up that the oxygen is so much thinner that we needed a day to acclimatise to the conditions. I wasn't too bad with the reduced oxygen but a lot of my group felt a little dizzy or light headed. Anyway it was a day of rest where we got to admire the beautiful views that Leh offers, it was a walkers paradise in Leh, so many treks through the beautiful landscape that I'd have loved to have tried.

Leh also offered a lot of culture and on the days that we weren't working in schools we got the opportunity to have a look at it. We visited a bunch of beautiful Buddhist temples and got to see monks praying and performing ceremonies right in front of us. We also saw prayer flags and prayer wheels which offer good health and prosperity to all that use them. I picked myself up a few prayer flags to take home hoping I could find some good luck for myself (no luck yet unfortunately I'll let you know how I get on).

We visited the Taj Mahal which was so beautiful that I could have spent all day looking at it. Whilst we were there we got photographed a lot by Indians who were visiting the Taj. It was hilarious to watch because they didn't ask to take pictures the just kind of stood in front of us, asked there friend to take a photo and then rotated till they had all had a photo with us. I got so used to being stared at and looked at that by the time I came home I was kind of sad not to have my photograph taken as I left the airport- my brief moment of stardom was over.

Even though a lot of my group didn't know each other very well before we went on the trip, we ended as really close friends. We'd experienced so much together that we couldn't not be so close. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to travel around the world with, and our little mascot Perry the Peacock was great too (he stars in the photo below), he was on all of our uniform and we took him everywhere, the kids loved seeing him too, I guess soft toys aren't the biggest priority when you are scraping together enough food to feed the family.

India was an absolutely life changing experience and I wish everyday that I could go again.

It was 100% the best trip I've ever been on.

What's the best trip you've been on? 

Thanks for reading lovelies, 

Elish xo

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beauty on a Budget: Treacle Moon Bath and Shower Gel

I do love Lush shower gels, but for almost £12 for 500ml it's more of a luxury treat than a day to day shower product. I also love Philosophy shower gels but again who wants to be forking out £14 a month for a body wash? Treacle Moon bath and shower gels are my go to shower gel: their scents are to die for and they're only £3 a bottle- who doesn't love a bargain? 

Treacle Moon packaging is suspiciously similar to Philosophy and both have those cute little tales on the front which make me feel all warm inside. Even without the similar packaging though Treacle Moon are still an obvious dupe for Philosophy, the range of scents are practically identical but Treacle Moon is a fraction of the price. Treacle Moon currently have 7 permanent flavours and a limited edition 'Warm Cinnamon Nights' Christmas flavour which of course I couldn't say no to. 'Warm Cinnamon Nights' is exactly what it sounds like but better. The scent is definitely cinnamon but it's not to spicy, the shower gel is more sweet than spiced and to me just smells like Christmas rolled into one. I'm usually more of a citrus type of gal when it comes to shower gels but I've made an exception for this one. 

The shower gel comes out a strong red with no shimmer- so don't worry you won't end up looking like a star. It's quite a thick consistency but it lathers up amazingly and really smells so much more Christmassy once it's on the skin. The scent definitely floods your bathroom for the next hour or so and I can still faintly smell the product on my skin for a few hours after which I love because I basically just smell like a big ball of Christmas- and the best way to spread Christmas cheer (elf reference right there) is definitely smelling like a bundle of warm cinnamon joy- mmmmmm.

Although I mainly use this in the shower, it can also be used in the bath. I tend to squirt a little of the product near the tap and then the flowing water lathers it up making bubbles and giving the bath a little hint of red. The bubbles aren't anything compared to what you'd get from a bubble bath but from a 2 in 1 product they're pretty darn fabulous.

Treacle Moon are definitely one of my favourite shower/bath brands. Their products are so bargainous and they look adorable in your shower. Currently Treacle Moon are available direct from their website and from Tesco online- here- and in store, and as a little Christmas treat they're on offer from £3 to £2. I'm off to stock up on a couple more before the New Year so I'm all set for 2015.

What's your favourite shower gel?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Battle of the Budget Brow-scaras: Rimmel vs. Maybelline

Brows are important- but so is Netflix. So I'm always happy when I find a good value brow product that's easily as good as a high end alternative, then I can have strong brows and afford a Netflix subscription: happy days all round. My favourite type of brow product has to be brow-scaras. These super simple brow gels come with a mini mascara wand which can sort out even unruly brows in a flash: needless to say I'm a big fan. I'm always on the look out for a reasonably priced brow gel and maybelline brow drama and rimmel brow this way are two of my favourites; both are a little different but for less than £5 (brow drama is £4.99 and brow this way is £3.99) both are a steal that I'd 100% recommend.

Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown

Both products are in the shade medium brown which seems to suit my ginger hair best. The brow drama is a longer product, square in shape and more like a mascara bottle. It has a odd shaped wand where it widens at one end in a circle shape. I think this is supposed to make it easier to apply the product but I find it a bit of a nuisance as it gets everywhere but my brow. Brow this way has is a smaller product that has a smaller, more mascara like wand, which I find easy to control and creates less of a mess. For me, brow this way wins the wand competition but I know a lot of people find it hard to handle without practise. 

Rimmel Brow this way in Medium Brown

Both products have a strong colour payoff straight from the tube (brow drama on the left, brow this way on the right), but because off the awkward wand shape I find I hard to get the product from the wand to my eyebrows when using brow drama. This means the colour of brow drama is less intense and a bit patchier, however it provides a great natural looking brow. On the other hand brow this way transfers almost all of the product from the wand to your brows so you have to be a bit light handed with this or your brows are suddenly 10 shades darker than your hair. 

On a day to day basis I use brow this way at lot more often because it works amazingly on its own; the strong colour payoff means it's a one swipe job and then I'm good to go. I tend to use brow drama when I've already filled in my brows and just need to set them. I get a lot of use out of both products, but if I was stranded on a desert island, I'd have definitely taken brow this way over brow drama. Both are amazing though and if you have naturally great brows you might prefer brow drama just to set them in place, however if your eyebrows are little patchy like mine and you need to darken them up, brow this way will probably be your new best friend.

I'm obsessed with these brow-scaras and I'd love to get my hands on some more, they're definitely my favourite type of brow product: so quick, simple and easy.

What's your favourite brow product?

Thanks for reading lovelies,


Thursday, 11 December 2014

New in: Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick

I blame the Internet. I was perfectly happy with my little lipstick collection until I saw a review of these and knew I had to pick them up. Maybelline color drama lipsticks are new in, barginous, super pigmented and pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. I'm a bit of a lipstick newbie because I'm always scared that it'll smudge throughout the day or I'll end up with lipstick on my nose. I've steered clear of bold lip colours for a while and I have grown my nude collection instead, but when I saw these though I knew I couldn't just get another nude, the deeper purpley shades were just too good to leave on the shelf. These little beauties are just £5 and are supposed to be amazing dupes for the Nars velvet lip pencil which is over triple the price #bargainalert

Essentially this a lipstick packaged as a pencil, which is amazing for travelling because these take up half the room in your bag that a lipstick would. The formula of the color drama is super pigmented and quite moisturising considering it's from a pencil. I expected these to dry my lips out but they do the opposite, they glide on to the lips so smoothly because of their moisture which means application is so quick and easy, these are probably my favourite go to lip product. The colour payoff is out of this world, even with one swipe the intensity of the colour is so strong that sometimes I have to apply with a light hand or it comes out too dark. They finish matte but with a little shine which I love- they really brighten your face on a morning.

Keep it Classy (left above and below) is possibly my favourite shade of 2014. It's a gorgeous dark pink with a hint of berry; it's dark but not too dark. It gives you that extra bit of drama but nothing too intense.

'Keep it classy'

'Berry much'

Likewise berry much (seen above and to the right above) is a beautiful light purple shade that adds depth and drama to your look without being overpowering. It's a perfect autumn/winter shade for dark lipstick scaredeycats (which I 100% am)- though I can't really see myself having the confidence to wear it in summer unless I become Beyonce. 'Keep it Classy' is  definitely an all year round shade that pretty much goes with anything- talk about good value for money.

The price point of these lip pencils is fantastic for a super pigmented product that's long lasting: I typically get about 5 hours wear out of these which for a £5 isn't bad. You also get a lot of ding for you dollar, I've used mine about 10 times already and haven't had to sharpen it so I've got high hopes for these lip pencils. I'd love to get my hands on some more soon, I love the idea of these lip pencils/ lipsticks.

Do you prefer a lipstick or a lip pencil?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

All I want for Christmas: My Christmas wishlist

1 New Look Tan Chelsea Boots £24.99

Short. Tan. Chelsea. I couldn't ask for anymore in a pair of ankle boots, to receive these babies would be a dream come true (I'm a size 7 if anyone's feeling generous). I can imagine myself slipping these on with everything- even in the middle of summer, well if we ever get a summer. I'm pretty sure I'd get my money's worth out of these no problems.

2 Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion £5

I'd love to try anything from the new Zoella range, I've had sniff and the scent's to die for- sweet but not too sweet- and the packaging's super cute. I've put the body lotion here but I'd be so grateful to receive anything from her range, it all looks amazing, I truly think Zoe's done an amazing job making these prodcuts.

3 Topshop Joni Jeans in Dark Vintage £36

I've been after a new pair of jeans for ages but I can never quite get the fit right, either the waists too big and the legs are too small or the waists too small and the legs are too big. Jeans don't like me. But I've tried on the Joni Jeans from Topshop and I loved the way they fitted. I think these bad boys could be my ticket into the jean-wearing world again.

4 Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch in Rose Gold £95

I can't get over how beautiful this watch is. I featured it last week on my watch wishlist and I've been dreaming about it ever since. I love the rose gold and the strap- it's not too big or too small and it's something I can imagine myself wearing all of the time, it's a classic.

5 Invisibobble Traceless hair ring in Brown £3.95

I've not worn my hair up as much this year because I get so annoyed when I get a kink in my hair from the bobble or I start to get hair ache half way through the day. Recently I've seen a lot of my friends sporting these bad boys which are softer than a normal bobble so stop hair ache and work their way into the hair to stop itself from making a mark. Sign me up for these yes please!

6 Benefit Gimme Brow £17.50

The importance of good brows for me in 2014 has been my number 1 priority. I went from having invisible blonde eyebrows (#gingerproblems) to getting them dyed a medium brown that matches my hair pretty well. Needless to say I now fuss about my brows more than anything. I've heard Gimme Brow is fab for quick and easy brows on the go, so I'd love to get my hands on this or Browzings (in medium) for Christmas.

7 'It' By Alexa Chung £11.89

I blame Urban Outiftters for this one. I picked this up on a trip to Urban and couldn't get over how stunning it was. It's full of pictures of Alexa and has little style and life messages from her too. I absolutely adore her style and would love to have this sitting on my bedside table (that I don't actually have yet) in 2015.

8 Ikea MICKE Desk in White £65

I have an obsession with interior design and IKEA is my go to for room furniture. I'm not even sure if I'd be able to squish this into my room but if I could I'd be overjoyed because I love this desk. It's white, sleek and goes perfectly with the rest of my room. I'm just thinking of all the blog posts I could write sitting there.

9 Next 'Life is better when you're laughing' Canvas £15

Sticking with the theme of interior design, I've had my eye on this little canvas for a while. It's super cute and I love the rustic effect, it's only £15 and has ignited my love for Next Home. After travelling to India this year and seeing children in slums who have no home or clean water but can still manage a laugh, I do truly believe life is better when you're laughing.

10 550ml Bobble Bottle in Magenta £6.99

I know a lot of people don't like water, but I love it. I try and get in my 2 litres a day but usually don't make it because I forget to take a water bottle out and about with me. I'm also a bit fussy about my water because if it's tap water, I only like the water from my tap. This little bottle has it's own mini filter so I can chuck it in my bag and fill it up anywhere and the water will be filtered out- voila!

11 Naked 2 Palette £37

Let's face it, this is a lot of money to pay for an eyeshadow palette. But oh my is this worth every penny. I've read so many reviews about this palette that I know it would be perfect for me. The pigmentation looks amazing and all of the colours have a cool undertone which- I'm hoping- will compliment my cool skin understones perfectly. I'm praying Santa puts this under my tree.

12 Cath Kidston Duvet Cover in Provence Rose £55

This is another expensive thing to ask for but I couldn't leave it off my Christmas wishlist because I'm so transfixed by it's beauty. Cath Kidston is a brand that I adore. The floral patterns are to die for and I'm especially in love with this provence rose print. I'm planning to paint my room white in the new year and have my bedding as the pop of colour and I think this bedding would work a treat and still match my old curtains.

13 Essie Nail Polish in Fiji £7.99

I've had this nail polish before and it became known as the milk nail polish since all of my friends thought it looked like I'd dipped my fingers in milk. Regardless I still loved it and I was gutted when it ran out and started to go a bit gloopy. Essie nail varnishes are definitely up there with one of my favourites and I'd absolutely love to try some more shades for Christmas.

I definitely don't expect to get all of these for Christmas and I'd be so grateful to receive one of these beauties.

What's top of your Christmas list?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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P.S On another note I'd just thought I'd say, at Christmas time it's important not to forget that there are others out there who won't be able to ask for a Naked eyeshadow palette or even a new pair of boots. Many people go hungry- even in the UK. So when you're doing your weekly shop, add a few extra cans of soup or chocolates to your trolley and donate them to your local food bank. I did this the other week and spent just an extra £10 that means more to many families than it could ever mean to me. It's not a big thing to ask or do and you actually feel like you're doing something by donating just that little bit of food that means so much to people who have so little. You can find your local food bank through the trussel trust website here and you can help feed a family in need this Christmas.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

What I've been loving: November Favourites

November Favourites 2014

November has been an absolutely smashing month. My first blog post went up on the 1st and currently as I'm writing this I have around 5,000 page views. The support from the blogging community has been amazing so thank you so much, I love you all. As if November couldn't get any better, Black Friday went live on the 29th and I managed to get my hands on some fab bargains, which left me enough money in the bank to restart my Netflix subscription so I spent the majority of the month watching Sherlock- what could be better? I discovered so many new products through blogging this month that my favourites list is a little lengthy, so grab a cuppa'!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I only invested in this bad boy at the start of November when I saw it was on offer, but I've been using it non stop ever since and I know it's going to be a constant in my skincare routine. I slap a bit of this onto a cotton pad and gently slide it across makeup to remove. It's calming on the eyes and doesn't taste bad if you accidentally get it in your mouth- which I seem to do a lot when I'm in a hurry to get to bed. Say bye bye to makeup and hello to fresh and clean skin, the only bad thing about this is that you can't get it in a larger size.

Barry M Gelly Nails in Lychee

Barry M Gelly Nails in Lychee

After kicking the habit of nail biting, I discovered a love for nail polish: in particular the Barry M Gelly Nails. I bought a couple of shades but Lychee has got to be my absolute favourite. It's a subtle nude shade that is super classy and elegant. I won't ramble on too much as I actually just did a review about it the other day here, but I love the formula and the application and I can't ever see myself not wanting to wear this on my nails.

Rimmel Brow This Way in Medium Brown

Rimmel Brow this Way in Medium Brown

Yes I did feature this in last month's favourites but it's so fabulous I couldn't not mention it again. Brow this way is an absolute godsend. I'm onto my 3rd tube. Essentially it's a mascara for your brows. It's super pigmented so fills in any sparse areas and give you great shape a definition. The Medium Brown suits my auburn hair perfectly, it's not red based but I think a brown brow suits my complexion better anyway. I will love this forever.

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Sleek Blush in Rose Gold

Oh. My. Gosh. This little blush is everything you could ever ask for in a blush and then some. It's a pink with a gold shimmer running through it which gives a lovely rosy flush that looks so natural on the skin. The shimmer means it catches under the light and brings another dimension to your face. It's a blush and a highlighter in one- talk about bargainous. And just another bonus about this little beaut is that the packaging is so chic, it looks very NARS like and is supposedly a perfect dupe for Orgasm- though I can't say if that's true because I've never allowed myself to spend so much on a blusher!

Book of the month: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (I'm planning a review of this as week speak, I'm so proud of Zoe because I loved this book to death)
Song of the month: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
Film of the month: Elf 

November has been so amazing that I'm not sure how December will manage to live up to it- but something about having Christmas right around the corner makes me know that somehow December will be even better.

What were some of your November favourites?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Top 10 to watch on Netflix

Today is a very special day. Today is the day I have dedicated an entire post to the true love of my life: Netflix. I've made a list of my favourite shows and films, to help avoid the oohing and ahhing of trying to decide what to watch, because sometimes I spend more time scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch than I spend actually watching anything. 

I accept no responsibility if you become addicted to the following tv shows/ movies and are unable to leave your living room as I am- there is no shame.

1 Sherlock

A modern adaption of the classic Sherlock Holmes stories- and did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch plays the lead? Thank the lord for his cheekbones (and amazing acting skills), I can easily watch a 90 minute episode without moving- and then happily tweet about how amazing it was for an hour afterwards.

2 Ugly Betty

Brace face Betty manages to get herself a job as assistant to the editor of MODE magazine, a fashion magazine, where appearances are all that matters. Betty knows nothing about fashion but is honest, true to herself and surprisingly intelligent. Que cringe and laugh out loud moments as Betty adapts to life in the big city and manages to work her way into the hearts of her colleagues and change MODE for the better.

3 Paranoia 

This featured on my recommendations a couple of weeks ago and I almost passed over it, boy am I glad I didn't. Liam Hemsworth plays led as a young computer genius who gets himself caught up spying for two competing technology companies (think apple vs. samsung), and he manages to fall in love with his competitors employee. Filled with action and romance, it's thrilling from start to end (if Liam and his body weren't a good enough reason to watch it).

4 The Good Wife

Thrilling American courtroom drama focusing on the life of Alicia Florrick. Her husband- Peter- is heavily involved in politics whilst she's a top lawyer. Que drama, affairs and thrilling courtroom battles, 9/10 you can find me watching The Good Wife.

5 G.B.F (Gay Best Friend) 

Don't judge a film by its name. It may sound dull, but I ended up giving this bad boy 5/5 stars. 3 High School queen-bees compete to get their hands on the latest must have thing the 'G.B.F' in a school that's never had a gay person before, so when someone accidentally comes out of the closet, the top 3 girls in the school compete to have him as a friend. A funny, light-hearted drama with an underlying message to be true to yourself.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley are the most beautiful human beings to have ever graced the planet. If you don't know who they are google them ASAP. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama that makes you wish you were a vampire, or even to be killed by one as hot as Damon.

7 The Originals 

A spin off from The Vampire Diaries that is packed full with even hotter Vampires and Werewolves and Witches and every other supernatural thing under the sun. Without spoiling what happens in the Vampire Diaries, the Originals are the original vampires that have created every vampire in the world somehow, they've lived for over 1000 years and boy do they have some enemies.

8 Suits

Yet another American courtroom drama that's just as action-packed as The Good Wife. Mike Ross finds himself a job with Harvey Spector- one of New York's best lawyers. Mike's super intelligent (and beautiful) but never actually got his law degree- he's a fraud. There's a hell of a lot of bromance and some nail-bitting conclusions and a bunch of good-looking guys in suits, what's not to like?

9 Blackfish

Blackfish is a hard-hitting documentary about the truth behind keeping whales in captivity in places like Seaworld. With exclusive footage, Blackfish uncovers how a whale who had already killed a trainer was allowed to father over 100 whales just to save money. I've been to seaworld and watched Shamoo fling trainers through the air in performances, no longer is this allowed to happen as whales have begun to act out, dragging trainers to the bottom of tanks and keeping them there. Never in the wild has a whale killed a human, but in captivity it happens again and again- whales should be free.

10 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I cannot describe how excited I was to see this baby on the featured picks. I'm a huge fan of the books and the films and have a huge thing for Liam Hemsworth (as already mentioned). In Catching Fire Katniss and Peter go back into the arena with other winners. Things are more action packed than ever and Finnick is hilarious. The ending is a gigantic cliff hanger so I can't wait to head out and watch Mockingjay soon.

I'd love some new shows to watch, what's your favourite show to watch on Netflix?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

P.S Happy December!!

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