Sunday, 9 November 2014

Beauty on a budget // Technic eyeshadow palettes

I think by now we all know that I enjoy spending my money on Netflix and food as much as I enjoy spending it on makeup. With this in mind- aside from the little splurge every now and then- I don't like to spend too much on high end products when you can get a dupe elsewhere that's just as good and half the price. 

The other day I was strolling through my local shopping centre when I saw a new store with beauty products galore- 'Bodycare'. Needless to say I quickly ran inside. I was a little disappointed to not see any big brands that I knew- but I continued to wander nonetheless. In a big bucket filled with eyeshadow palettes- 2 technic palettes caught my eye (you can find them here). I'd never heard of technic before but for £1.49 a palette, I thought I'd give them a go. I paid with a five pound note and still had enough left over for a greggs pasty and doughnut- what a result!

For £1.49- which works out at about 25p per eyeshadow- I wasn't expecting much. But not judging a book/palette by it's cover, I gave them a whirl the other day and was pleasantly surprised.

The first palette I bought is called the 'Bronze'. It has 5 shimmery colours and 1 matte brown shade- and also a rubbish sponge applicator that can be disposed of. The colours look so beautiful in the palette and it remind me of a sunset- who doesn't want their eyes to look as beautiful as a sunset? With the promise of sunset eyes looming, I was hoping that the pigmentation and colour payoff wasn't too shabby. Aside from the light yellow shimmer, all the colours come out pretty pigmented, even the matte brown. The colours have no names but I've swatched them down below (my favourites are 3rd and 5th).

The texture of the shadows isn't chalky and they come out quite smooth. The glitter in the shimmers sparkles under the light but isn't too obvious- which I love. However the eyeshadows- without a primer- last about 4 hours max. They begin to slip around a little, but with a primer they stay put for pretty much the whole day- not bad for £1.49.

I also bought a similar palette by technic called 'Nudes'. This and 'Bronze' are very similar, but none of the shades in 'Nudes' are matte, they are all shimmer. Again the colours have reasonable pigmentation and aren't too chalky. This palette definitely reminds me of the naked palette, but is only £1.49 rather than £37. The colours don't have names but are swatched below (the last 3 browns are my favourites)

For me the first 3 colours make better highlighters than eyeshadows- they're a bit too shimmery and not strong enough to put on the eye. However the last 3 colours in this palette are a completely different story. They're super pigmented and just glide right on.

Overall I think technic have done a great job with these palettes for the price, and if you have a bodycare near you I'd definitely try and get my hands on these for £3. I prefer the 'Bronze' palette but both are such good value for money that I'm glad I picked up both. These palettes are great for girls just getting into makeup or if you want to try out a look with cheaper products before you decide if you want to invest in something more upmarket. Technic could be the next big thing with prices like these- at least I'll buy them.

What's been your best budget makeup buy?

Elish xo