Thursday, 20 November 2014

Blogging tips: Twitter

A lot of people have been asking me how my blog has grown so much in a little under 3 weeks, and I only have one answer or maybe two: social media and a little bit of good luck.

Social media (and photography) can either make or break a blog. Even if you have absolute amazing content, you're not going to get many page views unless you get your blog out there. Twitter is the easiest way to get your name out there and make a few good friends while your at it. The blogging community are really lovely on Twitter and without a doubt help out newbie bloggers immensely. From my short experience with Twitter I have a few pointers that have helped my account grow that I'd like to share with you all...

#1 Get involved with blogger chats

I love twitter chats, there's usually at least one chat a day- with the most popular probably being #bbloggers which runs on a Wednesday 8-9 and a Sunday 8-9 (these are usually general chats). During a chat you simply use the hash tag and either tweet about the chosen topic, or if it's just a general chat you can tweet whatever you'd like! Chats open so many new friendships, you can find people with similar interests and find a new favourite blog- or maybe you can become someone's new favourite blog. People usually share links at the end of a chat so that's a great time to introduce people to your blog.

#2 Don't over promote

I'm probably a little guilty of this- I think everyone is at the start- but if there's one thing that puts a person off following you, on twitter or on bloglovin', is the inability to tweet anything but the link to your blog. People don't like it when you keep forcing them to click on your blog, someone is much more likely to click on your blog if you have a nice conversation with them during a chat and then share your link at the end. Too much promoting can cost you followers.

3# Follow other people

9 times out of 10 on twitter if you follow another blogger then they're more than likely going to follow you back: the blogging communities just nice like that. But if you only follow a few people and are expecting yourself to gain thousands of twitter followers overnight it's not going to happen- people don't know you exist unless you tell them.

4# Set up a welcome message

This is something a little less talked about but super effective in letting people know you're a blogger. There are tonnes of apps on the app store- for example just unfollow- that let you set up an automatic direct message that'll be sent to anyone new that follows you. You can put anything you want in the message, in mine I like to thank people for following me- a little kindness never goes amiss- and then let them know that I blog and leave the link as well. Not only does this get your name out there, but often lots of lovely users reply and send you their link too which usually leads to a new friendship.

5# Tell people your a blogger

As I mentioned a welcome message can do wonders in getting your blog heard, but if people don't know you're a blogger before that they might not even follow you in the first place. It's super important to give a little summary of you in your bio and also link you blog in the website section. I know a lot of bloggers- including myself- that only follow other bloggers on their blogging account because they follow anyone else on their personal. How are people supposed to know you blog unless you tell them?

6# Be yourself

Lastly, and the most important thing is be yourself. If you keep asking people to follow you they're not getting a true view of who you are. Tweet what you think is funny, sad, embarrassing etc. Not every single tweet has to be a link to your blog. If you're yourself and are just acting how you would ordinarily then, in time, your account will blossom.

Twitter is certainly a skill to master, but if you get the hang of it then it can become one of your mains feeders of page views on your blog and a stepping stone to life long friendships.

You can find me on a twitter @apieceofelish if you have questions.

What's your top twitter tip?

Thanks lovelies,

Elish xo

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