Monday, 3 November 2014

IS IT WORTH THE HYPE? // Benefit they're real mascara review

Back again with my third post, this time to discuss a much loved mascara instead of myself.

The they're real mascara by benefit (available here) is something I've had for a while now. It's not my everyday mascara- because it's an absolute nightmare to get off and it has a whopping £19.50 price tag- but I do use it very often, especially on days when I need an extra bit of fabulousness on my face.

Claiming to give false looking lashes the mascara has a lot to live up too. The product is truely black, and stains your lashes black for a few days after- this is great for me because my eyelashes are naturally blonde, probably not so great if you don't fancy wiping off the remainders for the next 3 days. 

The wand is something else entirely, it's applicators are spread out and vary in length ensuring every eyelash is caught and is not clumped together: It really does separate out your lashes giving a fluttery eyed effect. It lengthens more than adding volume, but if you angle the wand horizontally you get great volume too!

Natural lashes 

1 coat and you've got naturally amazing looking lashes 

2 coats and for me it starts to get a bit obvious and clumps a little

3 coats and I have about 3 eyelashes left (no photo for this as it looked so bad)

When it comes to taking it off, I probably should invest in the they're real makeup remover but I can't bring myself to fork out £14.50 when I can buy garnier micellar water for £2.50. Needless to say it takes a bit of tugging to come off fully but that's probably only because of the remover I use. 
(Even after intense scrubbing)

A little goes a long way with this mascara so even though it's a little pricy it seems to last for ageeeeeeeees. To me this kind of makes it less expensive in my mind, though that's probably just me trying to justify buying a £20 mascara.

If you can get this mascara on duty free or on offer then you're in luck, it gives beautiful length and really does create a false lash effect .

All in all its an amazing mascara and if you've got a bit of money to spare or you're birthdays coming up, I'd definitely invest!

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Anyway that's all for now lovelies,

Elish x