Thursday, 13 November 2014

Is it worth the hype? // Max Factor false lash effect mascara

I'm forever on a quest for the perfect mascara: something that's not too heavy on the purse but gives amazing voluminous and long lashes- it seems hard to find. Last week I asked whether They're real by Benefit was worth hype, it does give fabulous lashes but for £20 which is a little expensive for an everyday mascara. This week I'm reviewing a much more affordable drugstore mascara that's just as good-if not better as the quest for my must have mascara continues.

Let's start with seemingly the most important bit of any mascara- the price. Max factor false lash effect (non-waterproof) is £10.99 from boots and superdrug- a little hefty- or £9.99 from Amazon (available here). I do a lot of shipping on amazon because typically the prices are cheaper because Amazon buys them in bulk. At around the £10 mark this mascara is a little pricy for a drugstore mascara but still half the price of benefit they're real. So is it worth the money?

This mascara promises to give 'full looking natural lashes'. The wand is sooooo big it seems like you'd get it everywhere. But somehow it applies to your eyelashes perfectly.

The little spread out applicators allow you to get everywhere from root to tip. Yes it's not ideal for lower lashes but what can you expect from a mascara designed to give false lashes- it's not going to be small. The mascara goes on smoothly and really does elongate the lashes and boost volume at the same time. This doesn't clump of flake away during the day, it stays put which I like. Although sometimes I do forget I've got it on and I do a good eye run then realise the tragic mistake I've made: needless to say this mascara does not withstand the intense eye rub post yawn or walking up. 

Natural lashes (sorry for the dodgy lighting) 

1 coat of max factor false lash effect

The staying power is about 9 hours, any more and your eyelashes just start to flop a little and lose the curl. Unlike other mascaras this stays on all day but comes off just as easily as you put it on which is fabulous. A quick swipe of a makeup wipe or any eye makeup remover will see this bad boy gone. This is amazing for such a long lasting mascara. You don't have to tug your eyelashes off to get it off- dreams come true.

For me it's clear that this mascara gives quick and noticeable results. I love it. This has become my everyday mascara without a doubt. Good value for money and great looking lashes: my quest for the perfect mascara might have come to a close.

Is this worth the hype?

Absolutely and completely

What product do you think is truely worthy of the hype?

Until next time, 

Elish xo