Sunday, 16 November 2014

Is it worth the hype? // Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

Word has spread about these little beauties faster than I run when my phones on 1% to reach the charger- or maybe just as fast because when my phone's in jeopardy I run like lightning . Maybelline 24hr color tattoo's are so hyped about that I couldn't resist picking myself up one when I saw there was a 3 for 2 offer on in superdrug. I've seen a lot of people have the 'On and and on bronze' colour which looks beautiful, but there was just something about the 'Pink gold' shade that as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it ASAP.

For £4.99 I was expecting something pretty average colour and pigmentation wise, however the quality and the feel of this product is so much more expensive. The colour tattoo is a cream eye shadow that states to last 24 hours, I don't know who would ever need an eye shadow to last that long, but if you do, this is definitely for you. I recently went to a titanic themed night where you had to jump ship into a wave pool in the dark (see pictures on my twitter) and having applied this to my friends and my own eyelids before, it seemed to withstand the sinking of the titanic- and that can't be said about every eyeshadow.

For me I find this goes on best to a clean eyelid with your finger, a brush seems to be a little too heavy for this eyeshadow, however that's not to say you can't use one if you'd prefer too. It doesn't crease and really stays put well. For me a quick swirl of my finger in the pot and a swipe across my eyelid sees me sorted for the foreseeable future (until I wipe it off at the end of the day or jump off the titanic)

As you can see the colour is simply beautiful, it has a golden shimmer running through it giving it a gorgeous rose gold pigment- I am in love with this eyeshadow. It works amazingly as a base for any eye look or it looks just as good on it's own if you're in a time crunch- like I am pretty much every morning and in the battle between food or a detailed eye look, food will always win, so I know that'll be wearing this baby a lot.

All in all this eyeshadow is a one stop shop to beautiful shimmery eyes. I know I'll be buying more in the future- well maybe if there's another 3 for 2 offer on in boots.

What's your favourite simple eyeshadow look?

That's all lovelies,

Elish xo

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