Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Winter Saviour : Revlon Lip Butters

To say I'm late on the bandwagon would be an understatement, but yes I have finally hopped on the bandwagon and invested in a Revlon lip butter (available here). I've heard a lot about how moisturising the lip butters are and with winter well and truly here, I thought I'd give my dry lips a break from moisture-sapping lipsticks and treat them with this bad boy and it's truly turned out to be a winter saviour.

The packaging is a super cute criss-cross design that's the same colour as the lip butter, which I shouldn't have found as amazing as I did but I was wowed by the fact that they'd bothered to colour co-ordinate the tube to the product. And- bonus- it makes picking a colour lipstick a little bit easier on the morning as you don't have to go searching for the end of lipstick to see what colour it is. It's the little things in life. I bought mine in the colour sweet tart which is a quite bright pink shade- yes I clearly forgot what season it was when I bought this.

Swatched, this colour looks gorgeous. It's a simple pink that's not too fussy and goes pretty well with all skin tones. It goes on the lips as smooth as a lip balm but with the colour payoff of a lipstick- which I tend to forget and end up going a bit mental with it before I realise that it's not just a lip balm and have to wipe away my clown lips. The lip butters leave a slight glossy finish but with a little blotting can become matte too. I really love how versatile the lip butters are, you can play about with it to pick how you want it to finish and really build up the colour to fit your look. Below I'm wearing just a thin layer of Sweet Tart which gives a 'your lips but better' look, it's natural enough to wear to school but still adds that extra pop to your lips.

The Revlon lip butters are available in 20 colours and retail at £7.99- and don't worry they do have shades that are more suitable for autumn/winter (check out sorbet and red velvet they look amazing). I'm really impressed with them and the pricing. I can buy a few of these and still have money left for a Nandos which is win all round. I'm planning on getting my hands on a few more of these before the snow begins to fall.

What's your favourite Revlon product?

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