Saturday, 15 November 2014

Rome in pictures // A long weekend away

Recently- after getting confirmed in my church- my parish helped pay for us to go on a trip to Rome. They paid for us to get half the way and we paid the other half, for 4 days in such a beautiful city I couldn't say no. We left rainy England and flew 3 hours to hot, touristy and gorgeous Rome- a true cultural capital.

Rome has so much to offer that we found it hard to fit it all in within our 4 days- but nevertheless we tried: admittedly I did spend a lot of my time in Rome looking for Tom Hanks solving a conspiracy after watching Angel and Demons on Netflix the day before I left, but to no avail.

We rushed around Rome, hopping on and off public transport that wasn't supposed to be free but if no one asks for money what are you supposed to do? We climbed hundreds of stairs, ate pizza and ice cream and gained about a stone each. We were your typical tourists but with a priest leading our group- a priest who came in surprisingly handy with speaking Italian and skipping queues, who knew priests have a priority pass?

Flats were my footwear of choice but after miles of trekking about I wish I'd brought my Nike free runs- blisters are not a girls best friend. Despite a little bit of pain (agony) on my feet, Rome was a dream come true: from the Pantheon to the Colosseum, every bit of Rome was extraordinary (aside from maybe the pickpockets which they seem to glaze over in the holiday brochures). 

I've picked a few of my favourite snaps from the trip for you to enjoy and me to mourn over because while I'm writing this it's raining and horrifically cold when a few weeks ago I was tanning/burning in my new favourite city- take me back to the sun and the gorgeous Italian boys!

Our first glimpse at Italian weather- hence the long trousers were not worn the next day or the day after that

Outfit: Top- Topshop, Trousers- New look, Bag- Primark, Shoes- Primark

Rooftops of Rome and never ending churches 
The pantheon, very beautfiul and very busy. Just outside was an opera singer singing traditional Italian songs, and a strip of cafes that could sit and watch the commotion from- such beauty!

My absolute favourite photo of the trip- a cheeky photobomber outside the Pantheon who I was clearly very impressed with
Sneaky ceiling selfie inside the Pantheon

With Amber and Lucy before heading out

The queue to get inside St. Peter's Basilica, but in Rome queue's don't seem to work the same way so our into group pushed in towards the front and had an angry German family shouting at us for the rest of the queue. GCSE German did not even come in handy- devastated!

A ceiling shot of the entrance to St. Peter's

One of the many beautiful mosaics in St. Peter's

Roman ruins that I can't remember the full story of but did you know Caesar got stabbed in the back by his best friend? Poor Caesar- when I get my next salad I shall think of you.

The beautiful Colosseum  

Inside the Colosseum with my besties, at floor level where Christians or slaves would have been pitted against Gladiators or lions. Only the winner would leave the Colosseum standing- you fought or you died

On the Piazza Novana at the fountain of the four fathers, not quite the Trevi fountain but we didn't make it that far

Inside St. Peters at a mass said by the Pope

The crowds gathering to see the Pope make his speech from his 'window'

Pretty pillars post trip to McDonald's where I got pistachio McFlurry- who knew McFlurry flavours abroad could taste so good

Inside another Church called St Peter and Pauls with Lucy. At the top of the pillars are the paintings of every Pope there has every been, there's only three spaces left though so who knows what'll happen then?

Sunsetting over St. Peters- a view that never failed to wow me

The best girls I could have asked to go to Rome with (only took us about 10 attempts to work out how timer cam worked on the iPhone)
I had such an amazing time in Rome the pictures just can't express how good it was. I loooooooove travelling- especially duty free, am I right girls?- and once I've made it through GCSEs (if I make it through), I plan to be jetting off somewhere else exotic, perhaps Australia?

I best start saving.

Where would you love to go on holiday?

Until next time,

Elish xo

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