Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Quest For Chiseled Cheekbones: Seventeen Contour Kit

I'm a bit of a Kardashians fan, and when I say a bit I mean a lot. All of the Kardashians have these amazing chiseled cheek bones that I've been lusting after, as my addiction to the show has grown. When I was in boots I saw this contour kit from Seventeen was on a introductory offer of £4.99, so for a fiver I decided to give it a go to see if I could be an adopted member of the Kardashians family. 

The product has a very NARS feel to it which I absolutely love. It has a matte black finish that give it an expensive luxe feel for a fiver. The kits contains 2 shades, a highlighter and a bronzer. The bronzer is supposed to go towards the tops of your head, chin, sides of your nose and in the hollow of your cheeks, with the highlighter going around the places you've just bronzed. It came with a little guide on how and where to contour which I found super helpful as a contour newbie. However in hindsight it doesn't suit every face shape, as I end up looking like an umpa lumpa.

Above I've swatched both colours (left is the highlighter and bronzer to the right). The highlighter for me is completely pointless. It has no shimmer and fits to my skin shade so well that it doesn't even show up. It draws no light to my face and works better as a powder to set foundation. If your pale I'd probably steer clear of this unless your after a bronzer and a powder in a kit. Although the highlighter is a let down, I have a lot of love for this bronzer. For some people- e.g. darker skin tones- it might not be dark enough, but for my pale skin it give a warm glow that gives me a sun kissed look. It's not overly pigmented but it this means you can build up the colour well and don't risk getting a dark streak after one brush.

For me, this palette fails a little as a contour kit but it does have a beautiful bronzer and a powder that individually are really great products: it's just a shame it doesn't live up to what it says on the tin.

Overall worth the fiver but Seventeen need to rename this ASAP.

What's your favourite contouring product?

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