Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Topshop Lipstick Review // Ohh la la

Topshop has to be one of my favourite shops of all times. Beautiful clothes and beautiful makeup all under one roof: my life is complete. 

Needless to say then that I was eager to jump on the bandwagon and get myself some topshop makeup which everyone seems to be lusting after. The whole makeup line is reasonably priced (ranging from £3 - £15) so whatever you choose- eyeshadow to concealer- it isn't going to break the banks- hallelujah!

I decided to invest in one of the very beautiful topshop lipsticks in the shade ohh la la (available here) for £8. Typical drugstore price for a midrange lipstick, although it can't be denied that there are far cheaper options out there. 

Ohh la la is a pinky coral shade with a hint of orange (seen below). The colour has blue undertones so I think it works best for cooler undertones, similar to my own. And shoutout to all my ginger girlies out there- this colour is soooo beaut with ginger hair. I know this might not be you're typical autumn shade but there's something about that just makes me wear it regardless.

It goes on the lips smooth and creamy and gives a matte finish. I can't say it always applies 100% the same though. Everytime I use it I get a different finish, for me it's really important to have soft lips before applying this or it sits on your lips funny and the colour separates a little- lip balm is key.

All in all for £8 this is a great lipstick (depending on how moisturised your lips are at the time). If you're popping into topshop anytime soon I definitely recommend this.

What are you topshop makeup favourites?

That's all for now,
Elish x