Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Topshop Lipstick Review // Trigger

My love for Topshop lipsticks is growing: it's an obsession that I can't control- it's taking over me and I don't even care. Every time I walk into Topshop I can't help myself from straying into the makeup section and grabbing another product. When I see the adorable packaging I cry on the inside because I know my bank balance is about to fall faster than a tonne of bricks.

Somehow Topshop manages to be my downfall and my saviour: oh Topshop why do you do this to me?

On my latest trip to Topshop I- obviously-had to add another lipstick to my collection. This time I picked a beautiful deep burgundy red shade that's perfect for autumn/winter (available here). For £8, it's typical Topshop lipstick pricing: you can always get a lipstick elsewhere for a cheaper price but for me it wouldn't be the same- there's just something about Topshop lipsticks that gets me every time.

The colour is a deep deep red that reminds me of Christmas and cranberry sauce all rolled into one. I think this would look beautiful on any skin tone, the lipstick has cooler undertones so it works for pale people like myself, but it's such a versatile product it'd look good on anyone- even the grinch. It gives a creamy finish whilst still being matte, this means it doesn't dry your lips out so that's a plus- especially in the depths of winter when your lips are dry enough without a lipstick sapping away the moisture. 

On the lips it sits beautifully, the colour doesn't crack or bleed it stays right where you put it for the rest of the day- which can't be said for every lipstick. It also works well as a stain which is fab if you're like me and prefer to save your money to buy food and netflix subscriptions rather than buy 2 products when 1 will do the job.

All in all I think Topshop have done a great job with this one. Hats off to you Topshop for this autumn/winter must have.

What's your favourite Topshop lipstick shade?

Until next time,

Elish xo

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