Saturday, 1 November 2014

WELL HELLO THERE // 20 facts about me

Hola Lovelies!

My name's Elish, I'm 16 and- as a beauty addict- I thought I'd join the thousands of others that are blogging. I've always wanted to start a blog so here goes, stick around, who knows what might happen?

For my first post I thought I'd keep things basic so you can get to know me a little bit better, I'm kicking things off with 20 facts about me...

1) I'm ginger (don't judge) 
2) I'd take nutella over chocolate anyday 
3) My favourite high street shop is topshop, their clothes, their shoes, their makeup, there is nothing topshop could do that I wouldn't love- unless they started a salad bar
4) GCSEs are killing me
5) I loooooooooooove travelling, I went to India last summer and it's only made me want to travel more, I can't wait to be able to take a gap year before university
6) I like unburned candles more than when they're burning
7) I have a thing for interior decor- especially from ikea
8) I have one best friend who I'd die without- shoutout to Amy
9) Reading is my life
10) I do sport alot (netball 4x a week)
11) Sometimes I like to cook and sometimes I don't, I can't decide
12) I have an obsession with sleek makeup 
13) Fall is probably my favourite season (so white girl I know, don't worry I won't stop talking about pumpkin spice lattes)
14) CONTROVERSIAL FACT costa>starbucks
15) I get cold toes all the time
16) I'd really like to be a spy *fingers crossed* but if that doesn't work out I'll probably just cry instead
17) Netflix is the bae
18) I love ed sheeran- shoutout to my ginger homie
19) I take my tea with milk and 3 sugars fyi
20) I've no idea why I found writing those facts so fun 

I don't really know what you'll of learned about me from that aside from that I like to eat, read and shop- what more do you need to know really?

That's all until next time,

Elish x