Sunday, 2 November 2014

WHAT I'VE BEEN LOVING // October favourites

Ahh October, I look back on you fondly as I pick out my favourites.

For me, they're wasn't a single reason not to love October. Firstly I had a week off school: no controlled assessments, no GCSEs-  even if it was only for a week. In October I also went to Rome (hence the passport) for a long weekend with some of my amazing friends after doing our confirmation in church. I absolutely adored Rome. Everything from the architecture to the food made me know I'll be going there again.

Essentially October was fabulous, so let's get on with it.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish

My first favourite of the month has to be this Liz Earle cleanser. In Rome I'd forgotten to take any makeup remover with me so my kind friend Lucy let me borrow her cleanser: life changed forever. I already owned the cleanser but I'd just forgotten how fabulous it really is. Essentially onto a face of makeup (or clean face it's your choice) you rub a pump or two of the product into your skin. Then you wet the muslin cloth with warm water and gently wipe away your makeup: voila! A simple step to clean and fresh skin. I especially love using this at night because the warm water makes me so relaxed that if I did it in the morning I'd go back to bed and say bye bye to school and my future.

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

I've had this palette for a while now but have neglected it because often the 'smoky eye' makes me look like I've been punched in the eye. But after watching some beautiful smoky eye tutorials on YouTube I thought I was brave enough to try again. And boy am I glad I did. For only £4, yes £4, this palette is a true essential. There are 12 shimmery neutral colours that compliment each other beautifully. In particular I've really enjoyed using the little cream sparkly colour in the corner of my eye to brighten my eyes and make me look less dead on a morning.

Rimmel Brow this way- Medium Brown

Eyebrows are very important. So for me it's important to get them right- but preferably with a product that's less than a tenner. Brow this way by Rimmel is an absolute godsend. It's fabulous eyebrows in a tube. This 'browscara' is essentially mascara for your brows. A little bit comes out on the spooly and a quick run through your brows means your ready to go. One application will last me at least 6 hours, though if your a rubber of your brows your going to need a few top ups For £4, this product is my life. I hope they never ever discontinue it.

Book of the month: Wonder by R.J. Palacio (review coming soon)
Song of the month: Taro by Alt J
Film of the month: Confessions of a Shopaholic (comment if you can relate too)
TV show of the month: Orange is the new black (yaaaaaaaas Netflix)
YouTuber of the month: Vivanna does makeup- I spent October watching and rewatching ma gurl's videos

But my biggest favourite of the month was you guys, so thank you so much for reading and don't forget to follow and comment!

That's all until next time lovelies,

Elish x

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