Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter wants #1 // The green coat

A couple of weeks ago in new look, I tried on this beautiful green coat from the Anita and green range, but it was £54.99 and at the time I just couldn't bring myself to fork out that much money in one go- I'm more of a spend a little but very frequently type of gal. Instead I bought a nonetheless fabulous- but slightly more affordable- coat from h&m at the bargain price of £34.99 and spent the money I saved on food and netflix, life's necessities.

Anyway, I don't know how many of you do this as well, but when I'm unsure on whether or not to buy something I always take a photo so I can decide later how I feel about it. Here my bestie Amy took a few shots for me wearing the coat and for the last week they've been haunting me- asking me why I didn't buy the coat. 

And looking back I find myself asking the same question.

I absolutely adore this coat, I love the colour contrast with my hair, and the style and just everything about it. I am having serious regrets about not investing in this absolute beaut. Yes it was a little expensive but looking back I know every penny would be worth it, even if I didn't have money left over to get a starbucks.

I recently found out as well that new look has a 25% of all coats offer on, this was a couple of days ago so I hope it's still going on, because I would definitely spend £42 for this baby. With this in mind I plan on getting my hands on this ASAP because I have a feeling the offer won't be going on for too much longer.

In the future I plan to say yes to more things regardless of price, focusing more on quality and not quantity. So yes I might be buying a little less, but I know that what'll be buying will be worth it.

What haven't you bought that you later regret not buying?

Until next time,

Elish xo