Tuesday, 30 December 2014

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection Exclusive Lipstick: Eva's Nude

My mum is a big L'Oreal fan, she has sensitive skin and says there products are really good and high quality whilst being soft on the skin. L'Oreal also offers a full range of products from skincare to mascaras which is amazing for a drugstore brand as you've pretty much got everything you want under one roof. Despite my mum being a big fan, I've never actually owned anything from L'Oreal myself so I decided to pick up some products on a 3 for 2 deal and give them a go.

One of the products I picked up was a lipstick called 'Eva's nude'. It's part of the color riche collection in which a handful of celebrities create their own iconic lipstick colour, so far L'Oreal have released a red and a nude collection with 4 colours to choose from in each all priced at £6.99. I chose Eva Longoria's nude which surprised me since we're both completely different skin tone and style wise, however I do love the colour and it's so versatile that it suits any skin tone- whether you look like the beautiful Eva or not.

The packaging of the lipstick is super sleek. It follows in the example of Nars with a matte black finish which looks so professional- well for about a week or so before it gets dirty in my makeup bag, however it does wipe clean so that's a plus. I've clearly gone up in world because never before have I had a lipstick with the brand embossed into it but L'Oreal's really gone the extra mile here. Their is a slight scent to this lipstick, it's like candy mixed with cherries which I quite like it but if you don't like overly sweet scents you probably won't be a fan.

The colour itself is a stunning your lips but better. It's a subtle dark peach that goes on matte but finishes with a sheen. It's quite moisturising which probably explains why the staying power is only about 3 hours because it's all absorbed into your lips over the day. It applies smoothly but if your lips are even a little dry it clings to the dry sections and looks a little patchy. However I find that this patchy problem can be eliminated by giving my lips a little scrub with my Lush lip scrub (which I reviewed here) and then it goes on like a dream.

I've found myself wearing this lipstick a lot recently as I haven't been a fan of bold lips- mainly because I keep smudging them all of over my face. I love this lipstick for the £7 price tag and I'm super impressed with L'Oreal- no wonder my Mum's obsessed. I'm definitely planning on picking up some more L'Oreal products in the future.

Have you tried any products from L'Oreal?

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