Sunday, 7 December 2014

All I want for Christmas: My Christmas wishlist

1 New Look Tan Chelsea Boots £24.99

Short. Tan. Chelsea. I couldn't ask for anymore in a pair of ankle boots, to receive these babies would be a dream come true (I'm a size 7 if anyone's feeling generous). I can imagine myself slipping these on with everything- even in the middle of summer, well if we ever get a summer. I'm pretty sure I'd get my money's worth out of these no problems.

2 Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion £5

I'd love to try anything from the new Zoella range, I've had sniff and the scent's to die for- sweet but not too sweet- and the packaging's super cute. I've put the body lotion here but I'd be so grateful to receive anything from her range, it all looks amazing, I truly think Zoe's done an amazing job making these prodcuts.

3 Topshop Joni Jeans in Dark Vintage £36

I've been after a new pair of jeans for ages but I can never quite get the fit right, either the waists too big and the legs are too small or the waists too small and the legs are too big. Jeans don't like me. But I've tried on the Joni Jeans from Topshop and I loved the way they fitted. I think these bad boys could be my ticket into the jean-wearing world again.

4 Olivia Burton Big Dial Watch in Rose Gold £95

I can't get over how beautiful this watch is. I featured it last week on my watch wishlist and I've been dreaming about it ever since. I love the rose gold and the strap- it's not too big or too small and it's something I can imagine myself wearing all of the time, it's a classic.

5 Invisibobble Traceless hair ring in Brown £3.95

I've not worn my hair up as much this year because I get so annoyed when I get a kink in my hair from the bobble or I start to get hair ache half way through the day. Recently I've seen a lot of my friends sporting these bad boys which are softer than a normal bobble so stop hair ache and work their way into the hair to stop itself from making a mark. Sign me up for these yes please!

6 Benefit Gimme Brow £17.50

The importance of good brows for me in 2014 has been my number 1 priority. I went from having invisible blonde eyebrows (#gingerproblems) to getting them dyed a medium brown that matches my hair pretty well. Needless to say I now fuss about my brows more than anything. I've heard Gimme Brow is fab for quick and easy brows on the go, so I'd love to get my hands on this or Browzings (in medium) for Christmas.

7 'It' By Alexa Chung £11.89

I blame Urban Outiftters for this one. I picked this up on a trip to Urban and couldn't get over how stunning it was. It's full of pictures of Alexa and has little style and life messages from her too. I absolutely adore her style and would love to have this sitting on my bedside table (that I don't actually have yet) in 2015.

8 Ikea MICKE Desk in White £65

I have an obsession with interior design and IKEA is my go to for room furniture. I'm not even sure if I'd be able to squish this into my room but if I could I'd be overjoyed because I love this desk. It's white, sleek and goes perfectly with the rest of my room. I'm just thinking of all the blog posts I could write sitting there.

9 Next 'Life is better when you're laughing' Canvas £15

Sticking with the theme of interior design, I've had my eye on this little canvas for a while. It's super cute and I love the rustic effect, it's only £15 and has ignited my love for Next Home. After travelling to India this year and seeing children in slums who have no home or clean water but can still manage a laugh, I do truly believe life is better when you're laughing.

10 550ml Bobble Bottle in Magenta £6.99

I know a lot of people don't like water, but I love it. I try and get in my 2 litres a day but usually don't make it because I forget to take a water bottle out and about with me. I'm also a bit fussy about my water because if it's tap water, I only like the water from my tap. This little bottle has it's own mini filter so I can chuck it in my bag and fill it up anywhere and the water will be filtered out- voila!

11 Naked 2 Palette £37

Let's face it, this is a lot of money to pay for an eyeshadow palette. But oh my is this worth every penny. I've read so many reviews about this palette that I know it would be perfect for me. The pigmentation looks amazing and all of the colours have a cool undertone which- I'm hoping- will compliment my cool skin understones perfectly. I'm praying Santa puts this under my tree.

12 Cath Kidston Duvet Cover in Provence Rose £55

This is another expensive thing to ask for but I couldn't leave it off my Christmas wishlist because I'm so transfixed by it's beauty. Cath Kidston is a brand that I adore. The floral patterns are to die for and I'm especially in love with this provence rose print. I'm planning to paint my room white in the new year and have my bedding as the pop of colour and I think this bedding would work a treat and still match my old curtains.

13 Essie Nail Polish in Fiji £7.99

I've had this nail polish before and it became known as the milk nail polish since all of my friends thought it looked like I'd dipped my fingers in milk. Regardless I still loved it and I was gutted when it ran out and started to go a bit gloopy. Essie nail varnishes are definitely up there with one of my favourites and I'd absolutely love to try some more shades for Christmas.

I definitely don't expect to get all of these for Christmas and I'd be so grateful to receive one of these beauties.

What's top of your Christmas list?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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P.S On another note I'd just thought I'd say, at Christmas time it's important not to forget that there are others out there who won't be able to ask for a Naked eyeshadow palette or even a new pair of boots. Many people go hungry- even in the UK. So when you're doing your weekly shop, add a few extra cans of soup or chocolates to your trolley and donate them to your local food bank. I did this the other week and spent just an extra £10 that means more to many families than it could ever mean to me. It's not a big thing to ask or do and you actually feel like you're doing something by donating just that little bit of food that means so much to people who have so little. You can find your local food bank through the trussel trust website here and you can help feed a family in need this Christmas.