Sunday, 14 December 2014

Beauty on a Budget: Treacle Moon Bath and Shower Gel

I do love Lush shower gels, but for almost £12 for 500ml it's more of a luxury treat than a day to day shower product. I also love Philosophy shower gels but again who wants to be forking out £14 a month for a body wash? Treacle Moon bath and shower gels are my go to shower gel: their scents are to die for and they're only £3 a bottle- who doesn't love a bargain? 

Treacle Moon packaging is suspiciously similar to Philosophy and both have those cute little tales on the front which make me feel all warm inside. Even without the similar packaging though Treacle Moon are still an obvious dupe for Philosophy, the range of scents are practically identical but Treacle Moon is a fraction of the price. Treacle Moon currently have 7 permanent flavours and a limited edition 'Warm Cinnamon Nights' Christmas flavour which of course I couldn't say no to. 'Warm Cinnamon Nights' is exactly what it sounds like but better. The scent is definitely cinnamon but it's not to spicy, the shower gel is more sweet than spiced and to me just smells like Christmas rolled into one. I'm usually more of a citrus type of gal when it comes to shower gels but I've made an exception for this one. 

The shower gel comes out a strong red with no shimmer- so don't worry you won't end up looking like a star. It's quite a thick consistency but it lathers up amazingly and really smells so much more Christmassy once it's on the skin. The scent definitely floods your bathroom for the next hour or so and I can still faintly smell the product on my skin for a few hours after which I love because I basically just smell like a big ball of Christmas- and the best way to spread Christmas cheer (elf reference right there) is definitely smelling like a bundle of warm cinnamon joy- mmmmmm.

Although I mainly use this in the shower, it can also be used in the bath. I tend to squirt a little of the product near the tap and then the flowing water lathers it up making bubbles and giving the bath a little hint of red. The bubbles aren't anything compared to what you'd get from a bubble bath but from a 2 in 1 product they're pretty darn fabulous.

Treacle Moon are definitely one of my favourite shower/bath brands. Their products are so bargainous and they look adorable in your shower. Currently Treacle Moon are available direct from their website and from Tesco online- here- and in store, and as a little Christmas treat they're on offer from £3 to £2. I'm off to stock up on a couple more before the New Year so I'm all set for 2015.

What's your favourite shower gel?

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