Sunday, 4 January 2015

Invisibobble: Yay or Nay?

I've got long and thick hair, so even though most of the time I love it, sometimes on a morning I want nothing more than to be bald. I've recently loved wearing my hair up a lot more since it saves so much time on a morning. However I do find that wearing my hair up so much leaves an awkward kink in my hair from where the bobble has been which looks not so hot if you want to wear your hair up and down on the same day. Recently I discovered the invisibobble and after becoming a bit obsessed with the idea of a bobble that claims to be kinkless, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a box of invisibobbles for Christmas from my lovely Mum.

Invisibobble claims to be the 'traceless hair ring' which can be used in place of your typical bobble. It also states that it avoids headaches and helps reduces spilt ends. For a little plastic hair ring it seemed a bit much, however I was pleasantly surprised after testing the bobbles out for a week or so. The ring that at first I thought seemed fragile is actually really strong and can be stretched and tugged and still manage to shrink back to its original shape. I used this bobble exactly how I would a normal bobble, I looped it 3 times and it held my hair in that position for a good couple of hours and when I finally let my hair down it was indeed kinkless. It's grip isn't as strong as your average bobble but what can you expect since it's designed to be softer on your hair? The hair ring is a lot softer that your average bobble and it's stopped me getting those annoying hair-aches that make me wish I'd spent more time styling my hair down in the morning rather than wearing it up.

My invisibobbles are in the colour chocolate brown, which although doesn't match perfectly to my ginger hair, still blends in pretty well and until you get really close you can't even see it. Invisibobble comes in a range of colours- including clear- so you can pretty much find a colour that blends to your own hair colour or if you want something a bit more vibrant the bobbles come in bright blue and bright pink which really do stand out- personally I'm more of a discrete type of gal when it comes to bobbles and I plan to stick with my brown shade.

For £3.75 you get 3 hair rings, which might seem steep at first, but these bobbles are built to last. They don't snap when you overstretch the elastic like your average bobble, if anything you only need to up your number of loops from 3 to 4 to maintain the tightness as they stretch out, loosening slightly but not snapping. I've completely been converted to these bobbles. They really are so much softer on your hair and a lot softer on your wrist too if you always seem to end up with a bobble on your wrist like I somehow do.

I'm planning to get some more of these bobbles soon, perhaps I'll even venture into the realms of bright blue bobbles...

Have you tried or would you like to try some Invisibobbles?

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Elish xo

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P.S This is the first post where I've taken my photos on my new Nikon d3200, what do you think?