Sunday, 18 January 2015

All About That Base: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I'm not really a big foundation wearer to be honest, half the time I don't have the patience to blend it nicely at 7am and usually my skin's not too bad so I don't feel the need to cover it up- but, unfortunately, not everyday is a good skin day. I still wear foundation a bit when my skin's just not looking 100% or for a special occasion to give me a flawless look to my face. When I do wear it, I've been using the real techniques foundation brush from the core collection to apply it but even though it is a great brush, I personally find it too small for applying foundation and it takes soooo long because it's so small. However the quality of the brush is fabulous and I'm a massive real techniques fan so when I saw they did sponge for applying foundation I picked it up ASAP.

The 'miracle complexion sponge' is undoubtably a dupe for the beauty blender but at a much more affordable price of £5 compared to £14. The sponge has 3 different ways in which you can use it. You can use the sides to quickly blend over large areas of the face, the pointed tip to cover small imperfections precisely and lastly the flat edge to apply foundation or concealer around the nose and eyes. I seem to use the flat edge the most because it's the most versatile. It fits perfectly under the eyes to quickly blend concealer but it also is big enough to do the rest of your face too if you work quickly. 

The sponge can be used wet or dry depending on how smoothly and seamlessly you want the application to be. The sponge pretty much doubles in size when it's fully saturated with water. I find it easy to use it dry or just a little bit damp because I find if it's wet the foundation can go on a bit patchy which is never good. However if you are working with a really quick drying concealer or foundation just dampening the sponge a little can be a miracle worker.

I never thought a sponge would be able to achieve such a flawless finish on my skin but this little thing sure does, it creates a flawless finish which really does look like skin. I love how quick and simple it is to use this sponge and it's so much easier to clean than brushes. It's suggested to wash the sponge ever 1 to 3 uses so to stay safe I picked the middle and wash mine every 2 uses which works a treat. To wash you simply run it under the tap and use a bit of soap in your hand to get rid of all of the foundation and bacteria it's absorbed. Then when the bulk of the direct is gone just squeeze the excess water out and leave it to dry. Drying literally takes 20 minutes which is so much quicker than how long it takes my brushes to dry.

I know a lot of people are a bit hesitant of using a sponge to apply foundation because it seems like it would absorb all your foundation and attract bacteria but as long as you don't use too much foundation and keep it washed regularly I don't find any problems with using this little baby. I've been completely converted to using make-up sponges, they're so little hassle compared to brushes!

Have you ever tried a makeup sponge before?

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo