Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Netflix Tag

As a self confessed Netflix addict, in desperate need of a Netflix anonymous meeting, when I saw there was a tag going around about Netflix I knew I had to it. I honestly can't get over how much I love Netflix. It's the one thing I'm actually happy to pay for each month, which is saying something because I'm pretty tight with my money (I'm not so tight with other peoples though). So here I am breaking the rules having not been tagged and answering the tag anyway, Netflix has made me into an anti social rebel and I regret none of it. 

1) What are you favourite series' to watch on Netflix?

When I say I've watched a bunch of series' on Netflix I should probably actually say pretty much every series. Some of my absolute favourites are The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar, The Good Wife and House of Cards.

2) What are you currently watching on Netflix? 

I'm currently working my way through The 4400 which I'm loving, it's a sci-if drama about 4400 people returning from the future with mysterious powers, it sounds a bit far fetched but it's actually surprisingly good. I'm also coming to the end of season 4 of White Collar and I'm praying Netflix upload season 5 and 6 too because Matt Bomer in a suit has become my life.

3) If you could have any series, old or new, put on Netflix what would it be?

I actually think Netflix is pretty good for the variety of TV shows it's the films they need to start uploading more of- I mean I've heard rumors that the Canadian Netflix has The Fault In Our Stars, Netflix UK needs to pick up its game. But if there's one series I did wish Netflix had in the UK it'd be Grey's Anatomy (but maybe it's a good thing because if it was on a Netflix I'm pretty sure I'd never leave the house).

4) What is your one peeve about Netflix?

That the US and Canada have so much more to watch than the UK. I'd like to start a petition for Netflix equality in every country so we can all have the same choice. The day when I can watch Grey's Anatomy in the UK will be a very happy day indeed (and probably a long day too as a Netflix marathon would definitely be needed).

5) What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?

Fluffy socks to keep my toesies warm, chocolate to soothe the pain when I realise my life will never be like Blair Waldorf's and on point brows so in the few seconds of darkness between episodes when I see my reflection in the screen I'm not totally horrified.

6) Recommend one series or film for someone.

White Collar. It's honestly the best thing I've watched in ages and the thing is it only gets better with every season. Oh and Matt Bomer is an absolute babe. 

All this talk about Netflix has inspired me to go and watch some more Netflix. I'd love for you to give this tag a go if you too watch Netflix a little bit too much and could do with some help curbing the addiction but can't bring yourself to do it.

What's your favourite show on Netflix? 

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo

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