Saturday, 27 June 2015

Where have I been? An Explanation

So the one day I hadn't blogged in a week and then suddenly I hadn't blogged in 3 months. All the days blurred into one super quickly and it literally just hit me yesterday how long it had been since I sat down and wrote a post. I never meant to go so long without blogging but life kind of piled up on me and I could barely cope with the amount of stuff I had to do without having time to try and make content worthy of publishing; so I took a long impromptu break from blogging and pretty much abandoned apieceofelish. I'm super sorry for not posting and I really really want to make it up to you all with some fab content (at least I hope it will be fab) over the summer. 

For my first post back I thought I'd kind of sum up what I've been up to (all the stuff that has made me so MIA) over the past couple of months with a few photos so you can get a feel for how busy I've been. 

I spent a bunch of time prepping and revising for my GCSEs in May and June (which saw me give up all hobbies and become a hermit for a good 6 weeks) so when I finally finished on June 19th, I was so excited to head to leavers night and get my social life back. All in all leavers night was a bit of a let down (just a bunch of kids drinking in a field with a fire) but it was nice to see all my school friends again as some of them had already left school on the 12th. I left my secondary school forever on June 19th and the teachers organised an amazing leavers day where we got shirts signed, cried at form tutors soppy speeches about how much they would miss us and released balloons with our 'hopes and dreams' tied to them to symbolise us 'going out into the world'- to be honest the balloon thing was a bit far fetched but it did make for some hella good Instagram photos of them flying away. 

In the middle of exam season, my netball team was lucky enough to compete in the U16 national club finals in Essex after qualifying from our region. It was a weekend of tough matches (I definitely couldn't move on the Monday and I was bruised from head to toe) but it was amazing! I was super grateful to be picked to captain the team and it was an amazing experience. We came 13th (18 teams competed at the finals but hundreds of clubs has entered at the start) so we were definitely proud of ourselves and our performance. For those of you who don't know, I play netball religiously for my region and my club as GK/GD/WD and I couldn't get by without it, I have so many fab friends through it and it helps keep me fit (which is a bonus considering I love Nutella too much to eat healthy 24/7).

Following exams I've also been going to a few parties which have been pretty amazing for an antisocial person like myself. I recently went to one of my netball friend's parties where I barely knew 5 people and I came away with about 10 new friends who are all super lovely. I was definitely a little nervous before the party (I think anyone would be going into a place where there's 40 people you don't know) but I enjoyed it so much and I'm definitely excited to go to a few more parties in the summer- hopefully. I've also been to a few of my friends prom's to see how beautiful they look and it's got me super excited for my prom next week, ahhhh I'm so excited to get all dressed up and see everyone in heels and dresses instead of knee length skirts and blazers! I also recently met up with the girls I went to India with in York and we had such a good day. We hired two speed boats and we split ourselves between them and then spent an hour driving like lunatics up and down the river. The weather was amazing and admittedly I did get a little sunburnt (which didn't leave the best tan lines since I was wearing a cutout shoulder top). I honestly love all the India girls so much and I'm super excited to be planning another meetup for this summer.

The definite highlight of my summer so far (which is 11 weeks long thanks to GCSEs finishing in June) was when me and my bestie Amy went to see Taylor Swift in Manchester. I was so happy when Amy offered me the ticket and it honestly was amazing and so worth the long journey there. Taylor was fab from start to finish. I've been obsessed with her 1989 album since I got it for Christmas but I was beyond happy when Taylor played some of her older stuff too (like love story and we are never getting back together) because her older stuff honestly make up some of my favourite songs so I'm glad she dug it up from the archive. The concert had incredible lighting as each person was given a chunky white bracelet taped to their seat which, when the first song began, lit up and alternated colours to the beat which looked incredible as the whole stadium was aglow. As if it couldn't have got any better, Vance Joy opened the concert. I didn't know much of his music aside from riptide but his voice is heavenly and he honestly seemed so sweet and lovely- I'd totally recommend giving his song Georgia a listen to if you've got a minute, it's sooooo calming and beautiful.

My summer so far has been amazing and I'm hoping it will only get better. I've got so many things to look forward too- a holiday to Spain and work experience to name a few- and I'm betting this is going to be the best summer yet.

Wow that was a rambly and long first post back and if you've made it to the end then congratulations because you've definitely got a bunch of patience and determination. 

It feels so good to be getting back into the swing of blogging and I hope this post wasn't too boring (I know my life isn't the most exciting one).

Whilst I've been gone, what have you been up to?  

Thanks for reading lovelies,

Elish xo